non-profit project under the Alama Foundation
To raise public awareness, inform, educate, and improve the
quality of life of those living with dementia, and of those affected worldwide.

About Us

We are a project of the non-profit Alama Fund Inc and an organization with a broad network of international individuals working together towards common goals.

We meet both in-person and online to share ideas about living with dementia, conscious caregiving, restructuring outdated eldercare models, reducing social stigma and building a worldwide web of resources.

Our training programs are designed to guide participants to a new line of thinking and to provide a practical methodology to implement the material.

We provide both physical workshops offered directly to individuals, organizations and communities as well as online presentations and workshops designed to reach a far wider audience.

The Infinite Mind project goes beyond conventional beliefs about dementia. We welcome open minds, progressive ideas, and theories, avant-garde care models like the person-centered care movement and the holistic principals of tending to the mind, body and spirit of every individual involved.

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About Our Founder

Katya De Luisa

My first encounters with individuals with dementia created a sadness. It was obvious as their communication skills declined, they began to withdraw and retreat inside themselves. I wanted to help and needed to start by finding out that “inside” was like. At the time I’d been hired to create an all-inclusive art activity at an eldercare facility so when I developed the picture communication technique it became my doorway into their inner world.

In 2001, the local Alzheimer’s Association contracted me and sizable a grant allowed me to develop a caregiver training of the technique. The “Return to Innocence” program” was taught to hundreds of family and professional caregivers and presented at international seminars and conferences on aging across the USA.

Since that time, I’ve dedicated my life to creating a better understanding of those with dementia. I’ve designed and trained therapeutic programs, worked as an advocate for individuals in eldercare, as a mentor, a home caregiver and a public speaker on subjects related to dementia and human consciousness.

I recently published my first book on the science and spirituality of dementia and continue to work as a freelance writer; my articles focus on healthy aging and holistic dementia care.

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Katya currently resides in Costa Rica and is available for personal appearances, online presentations, training and mentoring.

About our team

Lauren Calderon
Costa Rican
personal assistant and professional caregiver
Maria Teresa Luna
Costa Rican
Retired eldercare facility administrator and project translator

treasurer and financial

technical advisor

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Alama Foundation
Alama Foundation
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