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This on-line presentation features the material from, “Journey through the Infinite Mind…the science and spirituality of dementia,” written by Katya De Luisa.
As the presenter, Katya guides us through the simple basics of healthy brain function and how it is affected by dementia. She then, moves on from the human experience of dementia to an exploration of the journey of the human spirit during its progression.
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Course (2-Part Series)

This course presents a variety of communication techniques designed for each stage of dementia.

You’ll learn to create a flow of conversation and what words to use or not use, to read body language and deliver non-verbal cues and discover the power of sensory stimulation as a way to connect with your loved one.

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Workshops and seminars

Art & Dementia

During dementia expressing oneself becomes difficult and art can be a way to communicate thoughts and feelings with the outside world. Like a steam valve, it releases internal pressure and gives those with dementia a way to express who they still are and share with others. The Infinite Mind project promotes a variety of creativity classes and workshops adapted to address the abilities of those with dementia and in both eldercare facilities or family home. These classes are also beneficial for the caregiver. We offer personalized training to individuals and organizations both in person or as online tutorials.

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