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If all we see are the losses caused by dementia, we will lose sight of what still remains. Regardless of the progression, individuals with dementia still retain thoughts, feelings and a need to love and be loved even into the later stages of this condition.

Our project is designed to encourage you to open your mind, think for yourself, question and delve deeper than the mainstream dementia information. We invite you to step out of the box and perceive the person experiencing dementia in a different way.

We offer innovative information and programs which generate a new understanding of the workings of the brain and human consciousness and how both are affected by dementia.

Knowledge empowers, making it easier to face the challenges of dementia and create a better quality of life for everyone involved.

Katya De Luisa, is the organizer/developer of The Infinite Mind project which includes many of the concepts outlined in her book, published in 2018.

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JOURNEY THROUGH THE INFINITE MIND The Science and Spirituality of Dementia

The Science and Spirituality
of Dementia

This book covers information on the physical causes and symptoms of dementia, practical care tips, personal narratives, and exercises designed to put you into the shoes of a person with dementia.

The reader is then guided from the human experience of dementia to an exploration of the spiritual journey the spirit conceivably travels during dementia progression.

Our goals

Our goals focus on understanding “Knowledge is power” and we strive to educate and empower those living with dementia and their families.

  • Give a voice to those with dementia and change the “empty shell” perception commonly connected to dementia.
  • Network people with original ideas and innovative programs and by partnering with progressive organizations we work together to the improve lives of those living with dementia.
  • Offer services that open minds and encourages thinking beyond the limits of today’s mainstream dementia information.
  • Promote the holistic principals of tending to the mind, body and spirit of those with dementia and their caregivers.
  • Support and encourage person centered care models and transform the present warehousing of seniors to a more functional and compassionate system.
  • Eliminate social stigmas and create an atmosphere within the communities of inclusion and acceptance.
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Our vision

We envision a world that advocates change by giving a voice to those with dementia, thus creating a better life for themselves and those who love them. A world where those experiencing dementia and their families, receive the emotional and financial support they need to address the challenges they are facing on a daily basis.

Where communities become more dementia friendly and governments provide resources and financial subsidies to augment stay at home care with their families or professional caregivers. A future where care systems focus on the person as an individual and the warehousing of those with dementia is eradicated as an antiquated practice.

Our vision includes a world where the social stigma of dementia is erased and the fear surrounding this condition is transformed to understanding, acceptance and compassion.

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Katya De Luisa

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