Rural Costa Rica

This is a specialized program of dementia education for rural Costa Rica. Through a series of talks and workshops presented by specialists and leaders in the field, we provide basic information, practical home care suggestions and community discussions on how to create a network of support in their area. Our purpose is to educate and empower the families and eliminate the social stigma of dementia in their communities.  

We are also offering communities our on-line tutorials and workshops.

Community Out-Reach

Community Out-Reach


Costa Rica

Many of the foreign retirees living in Costa Rica are over 65 and as they age many are confronted with heath issues, including dementia. Getting dementia in a foreign country and locating resources is challenging especially without family living here.

Our project offers in person talks on dementia through social clubs and groups in the small pocket communities of expats throughout Costa Rica. We present dementia information, practical care suggestions, how to find caregivers and provide local resource information.

We also offer on-line care workshops and mentoring.