The Author

Katya De Luisa

Nonfiction, Self-Awareness, New Thought, Dementia

Katya DeLuisa is a breakthrough author focused on the science and spirituality of self-awareness. Katya guides us to revelations about ourselves and our world by sharing her experiences caring for aging adults and those with dementia.

“I wanted to help and needed to start by finding out what it was like inside their minds. I’d been hired to create an all-inclusive art activity at an eldercare facility so when I developed the picture communication technique it became my doorway into their inner world.”

In 2001, the Alzheimer’s Association contracted Katya to develop training for caregivers to learn her technique. The Return to Innocence program was taught to hundreds of caregivers and presented to families and professionals across the United States and internationally.

Since that time, Katya has been dedicated to creating a better understanding of those with dementia. She’s continues to design and train therapeutic programs, and work as a caregiver advocate, mentor, and public speaker on subjects related to dementia and human consciousness.

Katya spends her days in Costa Rica creating fulfilling opportunities for seniors through the Infinite Mind Dementia Project which teaches us to change the face of dementia.

When we change the way
we look at something
what we look at changes

JOURNEY THROUGH THE INFINITE MIND The Science and Spirituality of Dementia

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JOURNEY THROUGH THE INFINITE MIND The Science and Spirituality of Dementia

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