Dery Dyer has been my close friend for over 35 years here in Costa Rica. Yesterday she passed away after a long struggle with severe medical conditions. I was able to see her recently and was about to visit again yesterday, but she died in the morning.

For those who don’t know her, she was the owner of the Tico Times for 40 years, the only English newspaper in this country. Her parents created it, which she later inherited. She vowed not only to present news but to also raise public consciousness and support groups and people who were working to make this country a better place. I met her because I was one of those people.

In the late 1980’s I started a street kid project in Limon, with literally no funding. She always featured us on full-page spreads in the paper to help promote the program. We became close, and I often stayed at her home when I’d come to San Jose. She was a night owl, and we’d sometimes stay up till dawn talking. When I moved back to Costa Rica after being away, she graciously invited me to live at the house until I found my own place.

Dery is the reason I became a writer. Over a year, I struggled with writing my first book on dementia, “Journey through the Infinite Mind.” She edited each chapter as I wrote it, gave me advice, and most importantly, provided encouragement. Whenever I wanted to give up, she assured me my writing was excellent, and this book was destined to help many people. Because of her, I finally finished the book, published it and found peace with the writing process. I continue now as a freelance writer of magazine articles, and my second book is on its way.

Dery’s recently published book, “The Return of Collective Intelligence,” features ancient wisdom for a world out of balance. It is available on Amazon and should be read by everyone.

Dery touched so many lives and is loved by so many. She helped to shape the course of the history of Costa Rica, and although she will be missed, her legacy will forever be part of this country.

Goodbye, my friend, until we meet again.


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