It’s been three days since I posted the idea of an emergency service for persons with dementia living or visiting Costa Rica. Already we have a FB group formed, and its membership of individuals wanting to help is growing every day.

I love the phrase it takes a village…not only to raise a child but for all of us to care for each other. If there is one thing I’ve learned from this epidemic, is it is giving us a chance to reset the world and create a better future by working together. This emergency service is a small contribution to one of the smallest countries in the world, but a drop in the pond sends out ripples.

Each one of us is a drop falling into the pond and we need to be conscious that our every act produces ripples, and these ripples affect everyone.

Most of us are on social media these days, and this has become our way of socializing, and technology like zoom offer group gatherings and classes. I’ve always been a techno-dinosaur but with the new dementia project I’m developing, I’ve had to learn how to use it. It’s allowed me to build a website (with help), reach out to people online, and participate in meetings. I understand it is a very effective tool that can bring about a positive change anywhere in the world while sitting at my desk.

This Costa Rica Emergency Dementia Service is slated to become one of the services offered by The Infinite Mind Dementia Project. This drop in the pond joins another to network with others to create an infinite number of ripples of change.

We are designing it to function through a social media community networking of contacts and resources in each area. When a person with dementia has an emergency situation, we send out a request for help to our contacts in that community. Someone in the area will visit the person and assess the situation and will pass that information to others who have volunteered to help. The person’s family is contacted, and any available resources within the community will be utilized.

If you’d like to help, please join our Facebook group Costa Rica Emergency Services. All are welcome, both CR residents and those in other parts of the world. Your heartfelt willingness to help and any experience with dementia will help us brainstorm the organization this much needed resource.

It’s but a drop in the pond, but to the person with dementia and their families, it’s a life preserver saving them from drowning.


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