A common complaint of those caring for a loved one with dementia is feeling drained. Of course, the 24/7 care is exhausting, but could that “vampire visited in the night” feeling be about something else?

What I’m about to write might seem like science fiction, however, it’s actually science fact. Our bodies are not solid. Now, try to follow me on this.

Our bodies are actually composed of individual cells and each cell is made up of molecules. Let’s go smaller. Molecules are composed of atoms which are composed of a nucleus which tiny neutrons and protons circle rapidly. When you keep going smaller you find our bodies are ultimately created by energy waves that vibrate at a certain speed to create our atoms, which compose the molecules, which are the material for the cells making up our body. Whew! Did you get that?

Everything in our material world is composed of energy vibrating at different speeds: water, rocks, or a plant. The food we eat is energy that sustains ours. But let’s get back to that drained feeling.

How many times have you said, “I don’t have any energy today”? Instinctively you know that energy runs the machine, and when we are low, we get sick or can’t function. This energy is fluid, it’s interconnected with every other energetic material in our existence, even the chair you’re sitting in. More importantly, it connects all human beings to each other.

To sustain our lives, we must maintain a certain level of energy or life force. Excess exertion or illness lowers levels, and at death, it’s gone. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions also affect our energy.

Because we are all energetically connected, we give and receive energy from everyone. Its an energy exchange. People with dementia experience erratic mental activity, emotional instability, and often behavioral issues. This disrupts their energy flow and diminishes their life force. They begin to literally fade away.

As a caregiver, you are passing your energy to the person you care for. However, when you give too much without replenishment, you’ll drain. The person with dementia is drowning and you are their life preserver; literally. Because your loved one can’t replenish their reserves of life force, they depend on yours.

You must stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally and keep your loved one healthy also. The healthier they stay, the less energy they require from you. Diet is our primary source of energy. Uncooked veggies and fruits release their live energy directly to the body; salads, smoothies and veggie juices, and probiotic foods like yogurt. Negative thoughts and emotional imbalance drain energy. When you control thoughts, the emotional balance usually follows, and this transfers to your loved one. Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, and physical exercise, regulate and improve energy systems.

However, remember the highest sustaining energy frequency is “unconditional” love. Give this and your energy will stay at its optimal level.


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