What is life force and what happens to it during dementia?

Life force is the animating force within all living beings. We are all composed of energy. Every action the body makes has to have a spark of energy to trigger the response. The brain is a literal storm of electrical impulses, igniting neurons to receive or send information. Our automatic nervous system, like the beating of the heart, the inhale/exhale of the lungs, swallowing and muscle reactions are all regulated by this energetic electrical system. The cells are like batteries, generating, sending and storing energy. So, if we look at the entirety of our energetic system, we realize that every cell in our physical structure is composed of energy and this is our life force.

When tired or exhausted we often say, “My energy is low…I can’t find the energy to do this or that or I have no energy left.” When our energy is running at optimum, and our life force and vitality is strong, we maintain health. When energy is high, we focus, accomplish tasks and interact with people easier. When it’s at a minimal the opposite happens. Foggy thinking, sleep disorders, difficulty with tasks and conflict with others as well as having a lowered immune system.

Caregiving can drain a person’s life force, especially if it is 24/7. Whether you are a home caregiver or a professional working in an eldercare facility, exhaustion is common, especially when working with those with dementia. As the life force of the person with dementia’s diminishes, they commonly tap into the energy of the one caring for them which often leads to caregiver burn out.

As dementia progresses, they cannot refuel on their own. If the care person doesn’t provide the proper nourishment, create conducive environments and activities that enable the person with dementia to replenish, they must get it from other sources; the person closest. When the care person is stressed or angry this unbalanced energy, transmits to the one with dementia and can lead to illness for both.

Food is composed of energy, and healthy eating nourishes cells while exercise moves the energy while eliminating toxins and maintaining our physical structure; it oils the machine. Acupuncture and Tai Chi, Reiki and meditation heals the energy system and many herbs have energetic compositions which can readjust and balance our health. Nature is a powerful recharger with its energy vibrant and alive. Walking in nature, working in your garden or sitting on a bench in a park can effectively refill your dwindling energy reserves.

Positive thoughts and gratefulness balance the frequency of the emotional energy. Emotion is E-motion or energy in motion. When emotions are balanced both our inner and outer world become peaceful and more manageable.

Remember our life force is the essence of our existence and maintaining its quantity and quality is essential especially when caregiving.


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