We define the term unconscious as part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but affects behavior and emotions. Also, defined as the state of not being awake and not aware of things around us.

Looking at the world’s division, one cannot help but realize most of humanity lives their lives unconsciously. It is a blaring example of how people react to a stimulus without introspection or awareness of what really might be going on.

People voted for Trump because they saw and heard one aspect of what they wanted to hear and paid no attention to the rest. They heard remove Obamacare but never heard what the replacement would be. They heard we keep our guns but did not realize no one was taking them, just wanting to regulate who gets licensed. A driver’s test is required to get a license. They heard America would be great again but did not know bringing it back is not with division and violence. These people follow what they selectively hear. They react without ever looking at the whole picture. They are acting from their unconscious mind with little regard to conscious awareness or thinking.

We are a collective species and can spread beliefs faster than COVID. Too often, the worst of humanity is shared, believed, and acted upon, allowing starvation, waging war, and justifying violence and prejudice.

For most of my life, I have been aware of humanity’s unconsciousness. As a child abuse survivor, unconscious people did me harm. During a Catholic upbringing, the only teaching that stuck was when Christ was dying on the cross, and he asked God, “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.”

How many of us know not what we do? Do we judge people by outward appearance and gauge success by a bank account, intelligence by education, and measure a person as “bad or good” according to their behavior? Any of this can change and usually does over time. However, even then, an unconscious person might not be capable of recognizing that they have changed. They stick to their unconsciously motivated beliefs no matter what.

Do not confuse a lack of consciousness with a lack of intelligence. Many knowledgeable and intelligent people can live their life unconsciously. When we consistently find rationalizations for actions we know in our heart is wrong or blame others for our self-made unhappiness or problems, we are among the ranks of the unconscious.

Increasing mindfulness is a slow process to self-discovery, which swings back and forth. However, once waking up begins, it becomes a forward motion, and it gets more challenging to return to sleep again. Consciousness is an awareness of what is happening in the outer environment and inside you as an individual. It is the ability to question personal beliefs and allow another’s to be different. When this awareness becomes embodied, it then becomes a part of

what you are.

It is essential to become a conscious human being, develop introspection, live compassionately from the heart. Be aware that many people are still in their introspective infancy. Ours is not to judge but to become a compassionate example of what the world should be so others might follow.


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