Yesterday on a rainy afternoon, I shared a collective taxi with a man, and the conversation we had strengthened my belief there are no coincidences, just coinciding incidences. I have continuously encountered this phenomenon throughout these months of developing the Infinite Mind Dementia project here in Costa Rica.

Kenneth is a Costa Rican living in the small mountain town of Puriscal. Turns out he was on his way home from his job as a caregiver of a man with dementia. I told him about the project and how Puriscal is our first rural program of networking resources for those with dementia. I remarked how amazing this coincidence was, and he said, “El Universo conspire con ayuda” (The Universe conspires in helping). Turns out this is part of a quote from Paulo Coelho, the author of the Alchemist, a very esoteric book I read in my early twenties. Kenneth had also read it.

We swapped contact information, and when he left the taxi, the driver who had been listening said, “I am part of a dance group that performs in nursing homes. We call it rhythm therapy and would like to know more about your project.”

Turns out he also lives in Pursical and is a mechanic. During the conversation with Kenneth, he heard I was looking for a 4×4 vehicle for the rural project. He wanted to help. He has a relative who bought a new car and doesn’t use his older model Suzuki Jeep. I told him by December, we hope to have about $4,500 for the vehicle. He offered to tell his uncle it is for him, and he might be able to get it for $3,000. Wow!

I began this project with the faith that it’s needed in this world today, and it’s coming together with divine help. Call it whatever you want, the Universe, God, the Great Spirit, or Source, but there is something bigger than us running the show. Sometimes we get tripped up in our own ego, thinking we know what we want and block the flow of what is perfect for us. And sometimes, what comes to us might seem like a disaster, but if we stay in the flow, it might lead us to something better that we would never have encountered if the disaster hadn’t changed our direction. If we just get out of our own way and let things happen with the faith that this is what is meant to be, we find peace.

Years ago, a friend said to me, “If you must make a decision, always take the road of least resistance” He was right. Let what you need come to you quickly.

Resistance is my signal that I have stepped out of the flow. This has been the indicator of what directions to take or not when developing this project.

And like the miracle in the cab ride, all I have to do is allow things to flow to us and be ready to find a fit for them in the structure that’s forming.


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