Expats Living Abroad with Dementia

Living in a foreign country has its challenges but if you compound this having dementia it can be a nightmare for you and your family who is most likely still in your home country. After 40 years of living in Costa Rica, the numbers of those with dementia are rising steadily not only among the locals but also amongst the foreign retirees, most over 65. Amid the

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Katya & Frank After working long hours in understaffed facilities with a multitude of patients, many eldercare professionals often emotionally and physically burn out. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, and in an attempt to prevent it, some facilities encourage emotional detachment. Home health staff experiences something similar. Many have minimal eldercare training especially about dementia and are sent from one client to another. It is difficult

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Mattie’s Incarceration

I was working as a personal advocate in a dementia care facility and writing magazine articles about how the present-day eldercare system was antiquated and totally unprepared for the Baby Boomer generation. One of the residents, Mattie was 53 years old and diagnosed with early onset dementia. At first appearances she seemed so normal she was often mistaken as a visitor. Her determination to escape forced the

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