Dementia in Costa Rica

Many people believe there is a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s and dementia in Costa Rica. However, Costa Rica is seeing an increase in the percentage of cases of dementia which equivalent to more developed countries. According to the Raul Blanco Cervantes Geriatric Hospital, there are presently an estimated 30,000 people in the country living with dementia, and, it is predicted that the number will quadruple by 2050..

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The Raul Blanco Cervantes geriatric hospital was originally the Tuberculous hospital and in 1989 when specialized hospitals where established, it converted to a teaching and research center for geriatrics. In 1992 under collaboration with the CCSS, a residency program was established with the School of Medicine of the University of Costa Rica. This hospital is a shining light among the National health care system hospitals in Costa

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